About Us

Nurturing Tomorrow’s Cricket Stars

Concept Cricket Academy is a high performance indoor sports center. We are situated in the North of Melbourne at Craigieburn. As the name implies, CCA is a special venture of international star batsman Fakhar Zaman whose sole purpose is to promote and teach cricket on all levels.

Nestled with the modern state-of-the-art facilities and cutting edge equipment, CCA is a haven for cricket enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. We offer a dynamic training program for the aspiring cricketers to let them thrive in the bright future that lies ahead of them. Moreover, we at Concept Cricket Academy offer a wide range of advanced bowling machines, technological analysis tools, and physical assessment.

Our sports academy offers you to set your skills in honing batting, bowling and in fielding irrespective of the weather conditions. Moreover, our experienced and professional coaching staff provides you thorough personalized guidance, enabling each player to unlock their full cricketing potential. Besides technical training, we at CCA understand the value of discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork that instills the ethos of a true cricketer in our students.

Concept Cricket Academy not only shapes a cricketer or sharpens his own skill set, but we believe in nurturing the individuals who own the spirit of game within them. So what are you waiting for? Take your passion to our performance center where you get to meet with experience and knowledge with precision, and where dreams take shape.

Fakhar Zaman;
Partnering with CCA

When it comes to the international cricket sensations, Fakhar Zaman is not anonymous. The star Pakistan Batsman is a true legend and an inspirational source for countless aspiring cricketers around the world. As an indoor performance center that dedicates itself to fostering the love for cricket and nurturing its talent, we’re right to state that he has been a perfect and fitting role model for CCA.

Fakhar Zaman embodies the spirit and essence of cricket, hence, his love for the sport needs no introduction. His sole aim is to promote cricket on all levels, and spread the positive message among people so that the stars in the making see their future brightly. However, it is just not his cricketing vision and prowess that sets him apart. Fakhar Zaman shares his passion for the game’s values, including teamwork, discipline, and unwavering dedication. His journey from a young aspiring cricketer to an international cricketing icon mirrors the aspirations of countless budding talents who train at our indoor cricket complex.

In this partnership, Fakhar Zaman will play a pivotal role in inspiring the next generation of cricketers. He will be actively involved in our training programs, mentoring sessions, and special events. His insights and experiences will undoubtedly prove invaluable to our students as they seek to master the game.

Together, we aim to create a cricketing community that not only appreciates the sport’s technical nuances but also embraces the camaraderie and character-building aspects that cricket instills.

Welcome, FAKHAR ZAMAN, to the heart of our cricketing family!